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Customer Comments
"I have used your Hi Gloss polish for all painted, chrome, and glass surfaces during the last two years. As you promised, this polish is easy to apply, even in direct sunlight! producing a show-car quality shine with no 'elbow grease', Thanks a lot"
Alain Kernot, Toronto, ON

that will give you a brilliant show room shine,
is easy to use, that will last and
will save you money?

We have your solution! At Detailing Zone you get the best Detailing Supplies for your every need. From our Vinyl Cleaner, Leather Cleaner and Plastic Cleaner to our Microfiber and Rubbing Compounds, we promote environmentally friendly and biodegradable Detailing Products. If you are searching for the Best Car Wax, look no further. Our car and Boat Wax is revolutionary. It creates a shine that just won’t quit. Maybe you are in need of a good Glass Cleaner, Plexiglass Cleaner or a Plexiglas scratch Remover. We have exactly what you need. We have a wonderful Leather Conditioner and Car Upholstery Cleaner that will keep your seats looking like new. With our complete line of detailing supplies like polishes, cleaners and accessories, you won’t need to go anywhere else to find what you are looking for. Protect your investment now, whether it is your car, boat, RV, plane or home.

Essentially, if you want the best quality car wax, car polish, boat wax or rubbing compounds for you car, boat etc. you will find them at We also have an instant detailer or quick detail polish that is just unbelievable. It will give your surface an instant show room shine with no effort. Our vinyl cleaner, plastic cleaner, leather cleaner, carpet & upholstery cleaner, Plexiglas cleaner, scratch remover and our leather conditioners are not ammonia or silicone based and do a terrific job. Our biodegradable and environmentally friendly products will help you clean, shine, protect, and condition your car, boat, RV, truck, motorcycle, pleasure watercraft, snow-mobile etc. both inside and out without damaging the environment.

Here is what some of our customers are saying about our products.

"Just wanted to let you know that the last time I used your Hi Gloss 707 was 4 months ago and it still looks great. I have washed my car regularly in between and just dried it off with your microfiber cloth" Will be getting some more Hi Gloss and microfiber cloths this summer and want to try some of your Quick Gloss 707 as well especially since I go to a lot of car shows." Eugene Mohr, San Bernardino, CA

"What a great product. My friends keep borrowing the Quick Gloss 707 instant detailer and using it up. Maybe I should just buy them wholesale and sell it to them. Please call me as I would like to talk to you about your complete line and if we can do something together". Brad Collins. Memphis, TN

Recently we added some new products to our line such as Microfiber polishing cloths and wash mitts, a very special glass cleaner as well as a portable vacuum cleaner that can be plugged into your cigarette lighter.

Please keep an eye out, bookmark this page and visit our web site frequently as we are always adding new and exciting detailing products that will be useful to our customers.

If interested in becoming a dealer or distributor for any of our products, please fill out the dealer application form and we will respond as soon as possible.

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